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Re: Silicon Image 3114 and Seagate?

Hi Roberto,

On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

I am getting ready to purchase a system that has the Silicon Image 3114 SATA controller. I understand that it is well supported, even by the default kernel in Sarge. However, I was also planning on getting some Seagate Barracuda drives. Based on some things I found via a Google search [0], I am a bit hesitant to get that combination. Does anyone on the list have any firsthand experience with Barracuda drives on a 3114 controller? What have you encountered?

I have three systems on Tyan S2875 (Dual Opteron) boards with sil 3114
chips all carrying 4 Barracuda drives.  Two have had no problems.  The
other is the oldest and has had a variety of issues.  I lately flashed
the bios to the latest version and installed amd64 etch from the beta
install image (2.6.12 I believe) and things have been stable since.



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