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Re: [OT] good laptops

Paul Johnson wrote:
I just got a 1.6 GHz IBM ThinkPad A31 for $500 at budcom.com (Budget
Computers, SW 114th Ave and OR-10 and OR-217, Beaverton, Oregon).  That's a
much nicer machine, everything on it works, and I've even heard good things
about Linux on them (though I haven't tried dual booting it yet).

So it seems like the general consensus is Thinkpads are the favorite. The one nagging problem I have with my Dell laptop (running Sarge) at work is that I can't get it to behave right when I use the docking station. The screen transfers over to the monitor but the LCD screen on the laptop stays on, too. The ports seem to work but I can't get any audio from the docking station.

How do the docking stations for the Thinkpads work under Linux?

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