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Re: KPPP won't go on the internet

Hi Ludovic,

After doing a couple of Debian and several Kubuntu installs, I've found it 
neccessary to do only two things (as well as I can recall) to get them to 
connect to a dial-up isp:

1. Create an empty 'resolv.conf' file in /etc/ppp, and

2. To edit the '/etc/ppp/options' file and change the 'auth' to 
'noauth' (which resolved the problem you are having - for me).

There are a couple of other files where you can add 'noauth' and also the kppp 
setup gui has a place for this as well, and I experimented with these, but 
none of them worked for me.  I had to change everything back to default, and 
just make the two changes I listed above.

I hope this helps.

Andrew Kovacs

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