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announcing dsafilter: filter debian security advisories

Seasons-greetings list,

A quick mail to announce my pet mail filter `dsafilter': a program to
manage filtering debian security advisory (DSA) email. Anyone using
a debian system would be wise to subscribe to the
`debian-security-announce' mailing list. However, when you get a DSA you
need to hand-check it's validity and whether or not it applies to each
computer you use.

The program can currently check the GPG signature on incoming DSAs and
resolve which binary packages you have installed which may be affected.
Future revisions will allow you to check package lists for multiple
machines from one filter.

More details and downloads at <http://alcopop.org/code/dsafilter/>. I'd
love to develop this to be useful to as many people as possible: any
feedback from debian users would be appreciated, good or bad :)


Jon Dowland

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