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Re: mozilla-firefox and firefox packages

On 12/17/05, [KS] <lists04@fastmail.fm> wrote:
> Well the trademark issues reason is understandable as there has been
> lots (yes lottttts) of discussion on that topic. So if firefox is
> available as 1.4.99+1.5rc3, why is it that an apt-get dist-upgrade does
> not replace my mozilla-firefox with firefox? Some info on when/if this
> will happen or not would be appreciated.

At the moment, I'm very glad that it doesn't.  Aside from a few
extensions which didn't have 1.5-compatible versions yet, I couldn't
get java working in 1.5.  Granted, I would have put more time into it
if I were stuck with 1.5, but I was able to downgrade easily back to
1.0.7 with only fairly minor issues.  Well, one of those issues would
ordinarily garner the advice: create a brand-new profile and re-load
everything.  I was able to track it down to one extension, though.

Michael A. Marsh

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