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Re: WordPerfect 8.0 (installation)

On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 03:53:58AM -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
> Ken Heard wrote:
> >    Herewith is the latest update on my attempts to install WordPerfect 
> >8.0 on my Debian 'sarge' GNU/linux distribution.
> <snip>
Debian _is_ about choice. Corel isn't - they tied their product to one
specific distribution version - theirs - and one specific set of
libraries. Corel sold their Linux to Xandros (also Debian based) but
didn't sell on WP8. Corel's involvement with Microsoft may have had
some bearing on their decision to cease Linux development.

WP8 is closed source - so we, as a community, can't fix it and it's not
on Corel's agenda to fix it or open source it. Unless/until we can
find a benevolent millionaire to buy it from Corel for us - we're stuck.

OpenOffice version 2.0 [now in Unstable and, possibly Testing] has
support for reading in WP8 but not for originating WP documents.

People with WP documents are in the same position as those with large
WordStar legacy :(  WP 5.1 will run in dosemu, though.
> >
> >    There is now another possible option: WINE.  Now that a beta version 
> >of WINE is out, I may be able to install WP 12 using it.
> Good luck. Let us know about that one.
> But my experience with Wine are bad hangovers ;-)
> H
Be prepared for it not to work :(
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