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suspend? Re: [OT] good laptops

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In article <5jV6i-15A-17@gated-at.bofh.it>, Joe Mc Cool wrote:
> Yesterday I took delivery of an X30 (£250).  I took it home after work,
> booted off a Knoppix installation CD and a couple of hours later it
> had installed itself fine.  Video, sound, everything working fine.

Could you describe what you did to get suspend-to-disk
(or even suspend-to-RAM) working?
I blew away a perfectly good Sarge on a Dell Latitude to
try Knoppix' installer.  Haven't been able to get it
to suspend to disk using APM or ACPI.  (Sarge used APM.)
A laptop that won't suspend to disk and wake up properly
is IMHO broken.
I've been supporting Knoppix in my PC repair business,
and my current advice to laptop owners is "don't do it."


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