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Re: unable to install sarge - motherboard asus P5GD1-VM and IT8211F controller

Are IDE disks visible in bios? They shouls be in first menu. 

On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 13:26 +0000, Steve Boulette wrote:
> hello,
> i'm trying to install sarge on a PC with a P5GD1-VM motherboard. The 
> motherboard has a IT8211F IDE controller. There's 2 IDE HDD (not SATA) on 
> the IT8211F and a DVD drive on the other IDE controller.
> The problem is that partman doesn't found any HDD and make the installation 
> fail.
> The bios settings for IDE are : Enhanced Mode and SATA, the IT8211F is 
> enabled.
> The kernel used is the 2.6.14. I tried others bios settings without success.
> What i tried too is at install to load the disk-detect package. But it fail 
> by saying there are some modules that cannot be loaded for my material - 
> i810rng, ide-scsi, ide-probe-mod, ide-mod.
> Any idea to make this work ? Maybe a module to get and load or a special 
> magic parameter to set somewhere that'll make my HDD be recognized ?
> Any idea greatly appreciated, i'm on this since one week, this is a bit 
> frustrating... :o)
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> Nicolas
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