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Re: Staying in touch with smbfs filesystems

Arafangion <thestar@fussycoder.id.au> writes:

> On Thursday 15 December 2005 22:51, Björn Lindström wrote:
>> On my home network I mount a couple of shares from a Windows system on
>> my Debian system using smbfs.
>> However, as soon as the Windows system is turned off (which is often,
>> the user turns it off every night) and then on again, smbfs has lost
>> contact with the Windows share. Any attempts to use it just times out.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make smbfs automatically
>> reestablish its connections with the host when it is restarted?
> This is why I love servers... They are meant to stay up!

Well, while technically a server in this case, the machine is located in
a guy's bedroom.

Anyway, as I said it's a Windows system, so I doubt it would stay up

> Alternatively, I'd make the smbfs user mountable, and mount it as you
> want to use it, much like removeable media.

That's what I do now. It's just not comfortable enough.

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