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Re: New User/No GUI

On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 08:08:03PM +0200, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> I can understand this is more flexible, but it can be confusing for 
> someone new to Debian.

It depends what their existing experiences are. I came to debian without
stopping off at redhat or another distro on the way for very long, and I
don't find it confusing. In fact, I haven't ever customised my runlevels 
(although I think I should probably look into it).

> All Linux doc's state runlevel 5 is for multiuser with X, while Debian
> gdm installs itself to runlevel 2... and this is not so obvious
> either. Most docs i read where talking about changing runlevels in
> order to stop/start gui login...

Debian docs wouldn't, though.

> I noticed that, in general, Debian tends to be as close as possible to
> the standards (i remember about a test some time ago where Debian was
> the closest distro to the official LFH). IMHO in this case it kinda'
> goes against the standard...

For reference, the standards in question might be:

LSB 3.1 chapter 20.5, "Run levels":

I believe they've adopted these from the redhat convention.

And the debian reference, reference, section 2.4.2:

Jon Dowland

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