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REQUEST: Good backup software for DVDs

I have used Mondorescue and like it but the time involved ~12hrs for 180GB
is just too much, I would like to be able to insert the first disk of foo, have it 
be able to repartition/format the drives as needed but take less time to run 
than mondo currently does.

As I understand it Mondo is slower than say ghost because it backups a live
file system... (on the gripping hand Mondo is Libre, @DEITY bless the devels; 
and Ghost costs like mad) I don't mind initing to runlevel 1 if I have to but 
what ever package ends up being suggested needs to be either apt-getable on 
Debian Sid or instalable via source/checkinstall/easily built into a deb.
Libre software preferred...

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 possit materiari?

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