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Re: kernel has null dereference during boot

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
On Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 02:39:11PM -0500, Marty wrote:

First I would save copies of the partition table and bootloader for future forensic purposes.

Too late!  I'll try and remember that next time.  By the way, how *do*
you save copies of the partition table and bootloader?

dd is commonly used, but then you have to know the sector offset to the bootloader. But being lazy I would probably just grab the first few megs and some backup superblocks by running this for a few seconds:

cp /dev/hdb>hddump

where "hddump" is a partial image of the drive. If it's a small drive I'd probably just dump the whole disk.


I installed using SBM to boot off of the woody CD.  The installer
formatted a new swap partition, and a new boot/root partition, and
installed into that one.  The installer's lilo was used to rewrite
the MBR.  That should pretty well finish off the MBR,  no"

And the bootloader too.

After thinking more about your problem I suspect that your new kernel has the wrong processor selected, maybe not the one you think it has. This will cause a kernel oops early in a boot cycle. As an experiment, you could try the lowest common denomenator processor option (386 or whatever).

fdisk's "p" comment (the one in the installer did not notice anything
wrong.  Thanks for telling me about lilo -v -v -v.  I'll try that next.

Don't forget the -t unless you are really ready to write.

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