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Re: kernel has null dereference during boot

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:

OOPS.  Forgot to identify the kernel.

This problem occurs with kernels
With kernel 2.2.20 I get the complaint about the invalid number of
physical heads, but not the crash.

It used to work properly before I did the forced reinstall (The machine
was rooted)  When it worked, I believe I was using kernel 2.4.16-586.

I would be suspicious that something tried to change the bootloader (e.g. LILO or GRUB) or the partition table (MBR) on the drive, in a possible (though unlikely) effort to defeat the cleanup attempt.

First I would save copies of the partition table and bootloader for future forensic purposes.

Then I would try the fdisk "p" (print partition table) command to see if it indicates anything wrong with the partition table. I would also run LILO on the drive with the -v -v -v -t options to see if it finds anything wrong (or run the equivalent grub diagnostic). If there are any remaining doubts I would follow up with an appropriate disk editor to examine the drive more closely.

After locating and identifying any problem(s), I would rewrite the MBR and/or bootloader.

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