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Re: tutorial to use the BTS ?

> I would like to notify a package maintainer that a new version of the
> software he packaged is out.
> I told me not to directly contact him, but to use the "BTS".
> Ok.
> - What is that?
> - Need to register?
> - Where?
> - What, in a few lines, are the rules in there? 

I was getting ready to provide you a link explaining all of this
until you wrote:

> (please dont give me the
> link of a hundred lines document)

So in other words, your time is too important to read the documentation;
but our time isn't too important to read it and summarize it for you, or
to summarize what we learned when *we* took the time to read it.  I mean,
after all, it would take less time for you to scan the BTS documentation
than it would take one of us to summarize the essentials of that
documentation and type it all out.  But our time is apparently not of



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