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Re: RAR under linux: any alternative?

Alex Malinovich wrote:
> Steve, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from referring to me
> explicitly by name. Establishing a false sense of familiarity,

    No familiarity at all.  It's called getting your attention since it seems
to be wandering.

> tar cf - *.png | split -b 1m
> for i in xa*; do gzip $i; done
> rm *.png xa[ac-z].gz
> tar xzf xab.gz

    *laugh*  Thank you for proving my point.  You had to go out of your way to
do what rar does normally.  Furthermore this makes it rough for the other end
to do what is done since the now everything is completely mangled just to
prove a point.  *snicker*

> So what exactly do I have to do to get the other leg then? :)

    Get the first one up and running.  The above only proves my point, nothing

> My question still stands; what practical benefit does the proprietary
> RAR solution present that CANNOT be achieved by using the free tools of
> tar, gz, and split?

    I've given examples.  Go back and read until you understand.

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