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Re: RAR under linux: any alternative?

Alex Malinovich wrote:
> That's why you include a checksums file with the archive set and/or list
> the sums at the point of origin (web site, FTP site, etc).

    Which still tells you nothing of the files inside.

>>9. Added support of so called recovery volumes (.rev files), which can be used
>>to reconstruct missing files in a volume set. One .rev file allows to
>>reconstruct one missing RAR volume, for example, 5 .rev files are able to
>>reconstruct any 5 volumes.

> I don't know, maybe I'm just dense or something, but explain to me why
> you would WANT to put that information in the archive itself? 

    What, the checksums?  Uh, so the reference is where you need it, with the
archive.  No need to go external.  Also since the checksums are on a
per-file-inside-the-archive basis you can see what files are corrupt and
extract around that.  Something tar, esp. split tars, is utterly incapable of.
 Trust me, I tried.

> If an archive is CORRUPTED (which is why we're distributing the sums and the
> PARs in the first place), what good will it be that the sums and
> recovery info are IN the file?

    Partial recoveries in spite of the above.  IE, redundancy is a good thing.
 Say the part of the archive that is corrupt is a file that isn't needed.  You
don't have to wast an entire PAR on that section.  Just extract the other
files and ignore the corrupted one.

> It's ALREADY corrupt, so what makes you
> think the recovery data wouldn't be corrupt right along with it?!

    Maybe because, if you'll read the above again, the recovery files are
separate, just like pars.

> Or am I just missing something painfully obvious here?

    I'd say that's pretty much a certainty.  Please, if you're going to start
blasting a piece of software on its technical merits at least do the
responsible thing and educate yourself of what it can and cannot do prior to
stepping up on your soapbox and inserting your foot into your mouth?  Thanks.
 I'm out of this discussion.  I'm not going to edcuate you further on what I
know you're perfectly capable of looking up on your own.

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