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Re: Manuscript submission: Invitation from Appl Rheol

On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 05:10:02PM +0100, johannes wrote:
> Dear Editors,
> you just sent your mail to a mailing list on computer problems. Most if 
> not all of the readers of this mail are interested in computers, not 
> rheology and will consider your mail as junk.
> We will remember 'Applied Rheology' as the journal whose editors send spam.
> Please take care of to whom you address your mails.
> Thank you for helping to reduce spam.
> Johannes on behalf of debian-user@lists.debian.org
> editors@appliedrheology.org wrote:
> >Dear Colleague,
> > 
> >You are performing research in the field of general rheology. Wish to place
> >your excellent article or review in a high quality SCI indexed journal, no 
> >page charges for authors, author status inquiry system, online submission, 
> >reprint at no costs, and experience an excellent reviewing process?  
> >Sincerely yours, Peter Fischer and Martin Kroger 
> >Editors 
> >Applied Rheology http://www.appliedrheology.org/
Ah, this just goes to show that applied rheologists really like
Debian - I for one do. For the first time this mail came to the list, it
got past my procmail filter for some reason, so I was wondering where 
they got my e-mail from as I didn't realize that it was addressed to the 
Debian list, but know things are clearer to me...
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