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Re: (Trouble at booting) Re: problema al bootear

Antonio Rodriguez wrote:

On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 06:02:37AM -0300, Gabriel wrote:
Levi Sandoval wrote:
/bin/cat: /sys/block/hda/dev: No such file or directory
Waiting: 8 seconds for /sys/block/hda/dev to show up
/bin/cat: /sys/block/hda/dev: No such file or directory
Waiting: 16 seconds for /sys/block/hda/dev to show up

Device /sys/block/hda/dev seems to be down.

Debuggin opportunity, type ^D to continue
/bin/dash: can't access tty; job control turned off
Same problem here, with the difference that I don't have any windows
running, is pure debian, one hard disk. After upgrading and immediate
reboot, the kernel is unable to find some /dev/*something and suggests
'Control + D'. I found easier to just reboot with image 2.6.13.* and
wait for another image to come. Hmm. I am surprised that not many have
reported the same.
Same fix here.  I hope someone explains this.

Paul Scott

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