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Re: New User/No GUI

Charlie wrote:
>     This is my first post, please tell me if I am in the wrong place and
> possibly suggest where I need to be.
>     I am fairly new to Linux. I have installed Suse and Ubuntu. I am
> really interested in Debian and have read everything in the install
> instructions. I have tried the auto install and the expert26 install. In
>  the case of the autoinstall I received no choice for gnome or kde.

After any install, you get the "tasksel", or task selector.  Selecting
the desktop task here will install kde and gnome, amongst other
desktop-type packages.

> Unfortunately I did not get that choice in the expert26 either. I did
> install all 15K+packages.

If you are new to Linux, please don't run the expert install unless you
need to.  There is no need to install so many packages.

> After I got to the command prompt I switched
> to su mode and did an apt-get install gnome. It went through the install
> process and brought me ultimatley back to a command prompt. 

If you have already installed so many packages, why do this?

> Then I tried
> init 5 and that is where it ends. I get switching to runlevel 5, and
> sending process the term signal and it hangs right there.

Why did you do that?  Just login as a normal user and startx.  Please
read the Debian Reference (http://www.debian.org/doc).

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