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Re: apt and hplip

> And most DDs who thought of adding it to Debian refrained from doing it, on
> the express wishes of pykota's author.

This is plain bullshit !

I've NEVER asked anyone to refrain from uploading PyKota to Debian.

What I ask, again, is that if you upload an Official PyKota Debian
package that you downloaded from my website through a subscription, you
don't mark it "Official" (and change its version number accordingly)
if, but only if, you modify it before uploading it to Debian. If you
upload it as-is, then keeping the name "Official" is ok.

Uploading PyKota, or any other Free Software, to Debian is not  "going
against its author". As you said, the GPL allows anyone to do it, and I
chose the GNU GPL as my software's license for very good reasons.

In summary, if PyKota is not part of Debian, this entirely the decision
of DDs.

Thx for reading.

Jerome Alet

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