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netatalk experiences

I'm considering using Debian and netatalk for our macintosh hard drive backup of files. This would be instead of windows2000 with services for macintosh.We have had some problem with resource forks getting messed up copying files from windows 2003 server (using Xinet) to windows 2000 server with SFM.
Two questions in particular:
1. Will netatalk treat resource fork better?
2. Is it troublefree from an admin stance?
The backup server we are likely to use will be 8x500gig disks on raid5 with a 3ware card. I'm no Debian expert. I'm no fan of services for Macintosh under windows. I hate to put that much information on a drive if I need to understand Debian better to support it properly.
Thanks for any experiences with this.
Mark Workman

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