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No sound from gxine with ALSA


I've just moved from OSS to ALSA, and gxine doesn't generate sound anymore.  
Mixer settings are Ok because I can play CDs with xmms or cdplay without 

audio.driver:alsa in ~/.gxine/config.

When I try to play streaming audio, gxine connects to the server but doesn't 
generate sound. strace shows that gxine is looping on write to a unix socket, 
fd 3. If I try to execute any other operation, it freezes completely, and 
strace shows it's blocked on a futex() call.

I googled hard on 'xine alsa sound' but found no mention of this weird 
behaviour. Much to the contrary, the comments were invariably: xmms and xine 
work Ok with ALSA.

Is there something ashamedly obvious that I'm missing ?

Thanks for your attention

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