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Re: netatalk experiences


Am Sonntag, den 11.12.2005, 21:59 -0500 schrieb mw:
> I'm considering using Debian and netatalk for our macintosh hard drive 
> backup of files. This would be instead of windows2000 with services for 
> macintosh.We have had some problem with resource forks getting messed up 
> copying files from windows 2003 server (using Xinet) to windows 2000 
> server with SFM.
> Two questions in particular:
> 1. Will netatalk treat resource fork better?
> 2. Is it troublefree from an admin stance?
> The backup server we are likely to use will be 8x500gig disks on raid5 
> with a 3ware card.

I use it for years on Suse and Debian. There does not pass a week
without this software causing trouble. Files are suddenly hidden until
the volume is re-mounted. Macintosh application complaining about "Error

We use this not as our regular fileserver, that's a Mac OS X 10 Server.
But we develope websites on a Debian server, so we like to serve apache
a folder that is mounted via netatalk. Since in web developement there
are normally no macintosh ressource forks involved we can just purge the
file-database on the server when trouble occurs - but I don't want even
think about what happened when this were the volume for our designers
with all their fonts and other files with ressource forks.

Unfortunately MacCVSpro does not work with SMB volumes, otherwise we had
kicked netatalk a long time ago.

BTW: Do not use the debian packages. Due license problems wit OpenSSL
all "real" login methods are disabled and you stick with plaintext


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