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Re: Thanks for aptitude...

Adam Hardy wrote:
> Do apt/dselect and aptitude share the same database as far as the 
> currently installed modules are concerned, ignoring whether the packages 
> were installed by apt or by aptitude?

"apt/dpkg/aptitude use different databases" is a frequent statetement on
this mailing list. It's largely a myth.

dpkg is the underlying layer which is the only thing in Debian that
installs or removes package, and its database about what is installed is
used by all tools. /var/lib/dpkg/status is used by all package
management tools in Debian to keep track of what is installed. dpkg is
the only program that I know of that modifies this file (aside from
dselect possibly, but that's dead), although some others do read it.

apt uses /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin (and srcpkgcache.bin) to store some
additional information beyond what is in dpkg's status file, but this is
notably a _cache_; try deleting the file and watch apt-get update
recreate it from the Release and Packages files it downloads, and from
/var/lib/dpkg/status, with no data loss. It is only used to speed up
apt's access to the information and does not contain any unique data of
its own.

aptitude is just a frontend to apt and uses the same pkgcache file in
the same way. It also uses /var/lib/aptitude/pkgstates for storing a few
pieces of information that dpkg's status file does not support. This
includes information about whether a package was manually selected or
was installed to satisfy a dependency. IMHO there's no reason why this
information couldn't be rolled back into /var/lib/dpkg/status for use by
other tools eventually. It also includes a way to store state about a
package being held at a particulr version, something that is supported
to a lesser extent by the dpkg status file.

synaptic, another frontend to apt, uses the same database files as apt
and no others AFAIK.

All four tools have different approaches for resolving complex
dependency/conflict sutuations, which are much more likely to lead to
differences in behavior.

see shy jo

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