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Re: getting going with midi

> I have an audigy card and pmidi installed. I can play wav, mpeg,
> etc. files etc. using applications such as gxine and xmms. However, I
> would now like to play a .midi file.

In my previous email, I should have mentioned one other route to go, and
that is to do everything in the software domain -- in other words, the
sequence of MIDI instructions is sent to a software synthesizer -- another
program running on your machine -- which uses a set of sound samples of
its own to create sound output which is then sent to your sound card in
the same fashion as other sound players (e.g. xmms) do.  I never do this,
so I'm not an expert on it; but it's the way that people proceed that
do not have wavetable synths on-card or external synths available.
The software package "timidity" is an example of this, IIRC.


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