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Re: C++ development tool/platform

Hello Elise!

> Pretty basic question :
> i've got to develop something in C++ on my debian.  I was wondering which tools
> you would recommend for development in C++.  On Windows i've worked with
> Borland and Eclipse (nice but slightly sloggy).
Eclipse also works an Linux! And from Borland there is also an IDE work
on Linux (http://bdn.borland.com/cpp/platforms/linux/)

> Browsing the packages yielded Kdevelop (i'm more of a gnome-fan, but it's a
> possibility), and a friend said he liked gedit, plain and simple. 
> What is your experience ?  More to the point, what would the code-wizards
> amongst you recommend ?
anjuta for example is an opensource IDE. And the greatest one for me is
vim. For others it is emacs.

> (hope it's not vi ;-) )
Vi is great because you can edit every text file, not only source code

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