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Re: C++ development tool/platform

Elise Huard wrote:

Pretty basic question :
i've got to develop something in C++ on my debian. I was wondering which tools you would recommend for development in C++. On Windows i've worked with Borland and Eclipse (nice but slightly sloggy). Browsing the packages yielded Kdevelop (i'm more of a gnome-fan, but it's a possibility), and a friend said he liked gedit, plain and simple. What is your experience ? More to the point, what would the code-wizards amongst you recommend ?
(hope it's not vi ;-) )

I use c++ almost exclusively with Qt.

Then use any editor, I use mc.

QT has a Makefile generator.

Just run make. Current c++ is very good in pointing out your errors.
QT has great examples, I always start with those.

Many years ago I use M$ and Borland. Way too many notes. Does not need to be that complicated and for the trees you don't see the forest.


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