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Re: Setting local time.

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:

Paul Scott wrote:

That was ugly! Since I have a time configuration problem I just tried this suggestion. I had manually installed all my packages. Since I chose nothing at the install packages step it is about to remove some of my vital packages.

Sorry. base-config shows a menu, where you can select what to configure. If you select to change your package selections, it will just do it. Just don't select to change your package selections, if you don't want to change them!

I unchecked everything in the install packages section because I didn't want to install anything. (I only wanted to reconfigure my time settings). It was not the least bit clear that that would remove anything. It looks like nothing serious was actually removed but it looked quite serious at the time.

NB: you can use the up and down arrows to select different menue entries.

That was quite clear and there was nothing in that menu about configuring time. I can only guess now that I would have had install some particular package to get that choice.


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