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Re: /etc/resolv.conf replaced!

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 06:19 am, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

> But more interesting: what happened after the power out?
> Those happen here quite frequently (no snow, lots of sun :-) ) and what
> you have to do is closely watch the e2fsck run after the powerout and
> during the reboot: he will indicate what he found creamed.
> E.g during an oops a few days ago I lost the capability to reboot.
> (Problem with fbsplash) During the red button reboot e2fsck noted he
> found a problem with chrony.rtc. Sure enough it was gone.
> That is the thing to watch during reboot.
> H


That's a point.  Perhaps the power outage and disk problems led to a file with 
info about the package being lost.

I hadn't thought of that.



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