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Purging mailboxes in mutt


I'm running a Sarge server with Postfix/Procmail/Dovecot and Maildir style mailboxes. I have a number of users that want to use a local text-based mail reader from time to time. Pine is no longer an option, so I've shifted to Mutt. I almost have it working, but can't figure out one thing:

If I have an IMAP client somewhere that moves/deletes messages from the INBOX, they're flagged as Deleted and appear in Mutt as such.

However when I go to quit Mutt and it prompts me to purge the deleted messages, if I answer 'no', then it will always un-mark any messages I have deleted in that session, and there seems to be a 50/50 chance it will also un-mark messages deleted by other sessions.

One workaround appears to be to set maildir_trash=yes in /etc/Muttrc. This purges the mailbox on program exit, but that can be dangerous if someone accidentally deletes a message and quits Mutt.

any ideas?


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