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Re: reply to list (mailing list) in thunderbird?

Paul Scott wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

[that using Thunderbird with this mail echo is a pain]

I use Thunderbird and find it easy to choose "Reply All" and the remove the other user(s) from the To:/CC: list.

Yes, but I also use *other* mail echoes, and it works the other way
with them. I must remember *not* to ReplyAll. So, usually what happens,
is I wind up with a bad address list, and either I remember before
I hit Send, and switch windows and copy the email address
of debian-user... and paste it in, and delete the originator,
(like for this message) or I don't, in which case I go to my
Sent "folder" and forward the message to debian-user... in which
case threading often gets messed up.

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