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Re: reply to list (mailing list) in thunderbird?

Scott wrote:
Micha Feigin wrote:

Is it possible with mozilla thunderbird to do reply to list like some other
mailing list friendly email clients can do (such as sylpheed-claws).

I'm a Thunderbird user and I only have this problem on a few lists.  The
 Debian lists are among those.

All the lists running on GNU Mailman (I'm surprised Debian doesn't use
this, GNU-lovers that they are) include a "Reply-To": header with the
mailing list address.  So in Thunderbird when you simply "reply" it goes
to the list.  If you "Reply to All" it goes to the list and anyone else
in the from/to/cc headers.

On the Debian lists, it's the exact opposite.

I brought up this issue a few months ago when I first subscribed,
and found out that

(1) this has been hashed out ad nausem on this group before,
(2) that there exists a camp which has a very strong belief that
changing the Reply-to: field is some sort of sin, and abhorrent
(3) that the way the Debian list does things is THE RIGHT WAY,
regardless of how anyone else may do things on other mail lists, and
(4) any mailers which don't make it easy to do things the way
the Debian list is run is brain dead, stupid, and no one should
use them.

So, I live with the way things are here, given that I like to
have a calm life reasonably free of flame wars, though I also
find using this mail list somewhat of a chore with Thunderbird.

Perhaps one good effect of this is that I am encouraged to
send messages only when I really want to, because it is such
a PITA to send them here.

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