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Re: Memory stick booting

On Sat, 3 Dec 2005 19:03:38 -0700
"Jim Bodkikns (Dakotacom)" <JimBodkins@yahoo.com> wrote:

>    I am building a bootable stick (several). zcating the provided
> image (boot.img.gz) works fine but is a little small (~128meg). I
> need something larger. However, for reasons that I dont understand -
> or I wouldnt be here :) - that is failing. (instructions from
> http://d-i.pascal.at/ )
>    My question, what are the origins of the image (boot.img.gz)? Can
> it be made larger? (using 1gig sticks). Creating a stick that I can
> access is trivial, but they wont boot - not with install-mbr or lilo.
> Dont know whey the zcat image works.

Read the section titled "Copying the files - the more flexible way" at
the url you mentioned above. That will allow a larger partition to be
used, thus taking full advantage of your larger usb key. 

The part you're missing is syslinux. It is (normally) used in place of
lilo... the above url has instructions for using it. 


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