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Re: Ubuntu's unstable vs Debian unstable

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 09:07:51PM -0500, David A. Cobb wrote:
> I haven't read the whole thread, so please pardon me if I repeat something.
> One area that causes many conflicts has Ubuntu "ahead" of Debian.  
> Ubuntu is stabilized on Python 2.4, whereas Debian packages all demand 
> <2.4 (Python 2.3 is "official"). 

You can't get a little bit preganant.  If the new version really was 
stable, all the tens of thousands of app maintainers would have made 
sure it works with it.

This is becoming rather similar to using released versions versus 
internal versions when I worked at Microsoft.

The released version was always ancient and we'd shake our heads at 
those poor "customers" who were stuck with the older, less capable 
version, while for years we'd been using the newer thing and of course 
all significant work required using the unreleased version.

Ubuntu : Debian Stable :: IDS Build of Windows : Windows

Debian Unstable :: Daily Build of Windows, except it mostly works 
whereas most daily builds of windows were unusable.

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