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Re: stereo component from laptop?

On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 01:17:56PM -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> The idea would be to play mp3's and cd's off of this thing.  
> My family hates using xmms; they find it hard to look at and a little
> disconcerting, I think mostly because ofthe multiple windows.  Also
> there's no built-in playlist manager, which confuses them.  
> I've lately taken to using Amarok on my desktop, which I find a pretty
> satisfying experience (though occacionally buggy, e.g. crashes when it
> encounters a radio stream it doesn't like).  But I hesitate to install
> something that depends so heavily on the kde environment to work.
> Haven't used Rhythmbox for a while, but it used to crash on my all the
> time when I did use it.  BMP is easier to look at than xmms is, but it
> still doesn't have a playlist manager (far as I can tell).  [by
> playlist manager I mean a usable GUI that lets you choose among
> playlist you've created.  Not sure this is the right term...]
> So none of the options with which I'm familiar seem perfect.  Does
> anyone have any suggestions?  Like, can amarok work without loading
> hundreds of megs of kde/qt stuff into memory?  Is there a playlist
> manager plugin for bmp?  
> It would be great if all of this worked well enough for a 10-year-old
> to be able to use it.  

We have a headless computer at work to manage our music playing and run
musicpd (http://www.musicpd.org/) on it.  It seems to work pretty well
and has several different interfaces to it.  Although I'm not sure if it
will play cd's.

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