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Kerberos acl permission

Trying to set up keberos5 on a Debian Sarge server. As a note I am going by the instructions provided by a Linux Journal article, which may be found at: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7336

Regardless, setting it up has been otherwise easy. But now I'm at the part where I want to add other users. At one point in the set up, however, the instructions said that you need to enable the administrator to have all permissions (privileges), which is done by editing a kadm5.acl file. But there is no such file. Because there is no such permission file, apparently, I can't add users as the administrator. So, I tried creating a kadm5.acl file (under /var/lib/krb5kdc/) but it that didn't seem to help.

Here is the specific error when trying to add a user:

# kadmin
Authenticating as principal ******/admin@******.COM with password.
Password for ******/admin@******.COM:
kadmin:  addprinc curtis
NOTICE: no policy specified for curtis@******.COM; assigning "default"
Enter password for principal "curtis@******.COM":
Re-enter password for principal "curtis@******.COM":
add_principal: Operation requires ``add'' privilege while creating "curtis@******.COM".
kadmin:  help

Any help appreciated!


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