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Re: root in non terminal

Rafi Gabzu wrote:

> OK, I understand that , but how can I become a root in the graphical
> viewer for some  specific action ?
> For example I want to see a locked file but it won't let me.
> Thanks.

I usually just open a terminal window (text window) and type
$ su
after entering the root password I can execute all commands as root: eg. aptitude etc. In your case probably 'less filename'.

If you need to run a graphical application, in kde, you can open the main menu tree, select 'run command'. A window will open; select 'options: run as different user: root' and enter the command line name of the application. Some applications (like firestarter), that only make sense to be used as root, ask for the root password 'automatically' when you select them.

There is a similar procedure in gnome, but I don't know how it works there. The su-approach should work the same on any desktop.


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