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Re: realplayer 10 hassles

On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 11:06:48PM +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:
> Bruno Buys on 30/11/05 17:19, wrote:
> > Are you trying to get something that mplayer can´t? Realplayer is a
> > pain, I think. Never figured how to play those smil files, supposed
> > to be Real´s prop format. Real´s for win does play, though not
> > flawless.  Use mplayer.
> I've been there and done that. There's no firefox mplayer extension
> though, is there?
> I could really appreciate it someone could chime in with a big hint
> about my situation above.

There is a firefox mplayer plugin, but first use mplayer directly and
make sure that works.  Try playing a simple .wav or .mp3 with sox's
"play" script; if that does not work, the problem is not mplayer.  If
it does, check mplayer output for audio system errors.  Check your
configured audio output plugin in mplayer.conf and .mplayer/conf.

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