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unable to rewrite DVD (The LUN appears to be stuck)

Hi all,

I have a Toshiba DVD writer in my laptop which can burn CDs and DVDs perfectly. The only thing that I can't make work is the rewriting of DVDs. When I try to do that with:

growisofs -Z /dev/dvd -r .

I get the following error:

:-[ RESERVE track failed with SK=5h/ASC=2Ch/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error
/dev/dvd: "Current Write Speed" is 2.0x1385KBps.
:-! COMMAND SEQUENCE ERROR"@LBA=0h. is media being read?
:-! The LUN appears to be stuck at 0h, retrying in 5 secs...

I've found some previous forum posts telling that this might be related to nautilus automounting the cd drive, but I made sure that these mechanisms are turned off, so what can the problem be? (I've had no problem whatsoever with writing CD-Rs, only CD-RWs fail)

Thank you,

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