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Re: TWO independent mouse

On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 10:27:39AM -0600, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * Gene Heskett <gene.heskett@verizon.net> [2005 Nov 27 10:16 -0600]:
> > On Sunday 27 November 2005 04:50, soo2debian@o2.pl wrote:
> > >How to use two independent mouse at the same time?
> > >With two cursors of course...
> > 
> > With usb based mice, just plug them both in.  Blew me away when they
> > both worked, but work they did.
> I noticed the same thing recently with a USB mouse on my Thinkpad T42
> running Xorg on Sid.  The Trackpoint still worked as normal as did the
> USB mouse.  A very nice feature indeed.

This is a feature of the linux kernel, not X: all mouse devices are
accessible through the single combined device /dev/input/mice.  Thus, it
will even work in gpm.  And it works for PS/2 mice, although with a PS/2
mouse your XF86Config may not be using /dev/input/mice.

(X and gpm also support multiple pointing devices on their own, but not
without explicit configuration).

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