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Re: samba file deletes slow SOLVED

Benedict Verheyen wrote:
> I actually solved the problem. As i said, I was running 2 uml's on that
> system and used bridging to allow the uml's to have network access. On
> one of those uml's i run my dns server and so it needs to be up and
> running before the other services boot as they need dns to find stuff
> around the lan.
> I moved the uml bridge script and the 2 start scripts of the uml's to
> the front of the startup sequence. The tap devices that need to be
> created for the  uml's are started as the user uml, but at the system
> boots, this user isn't know yet as it's only available in ldap and ldap
> is started after the uml's.
> This meant the uml's booted allright but the bridge script gave an error
> and didn't make the tap devices so the dns server was unreachable.
> Some services like apache failed because of the not running dns server
> others didn't or at least not that obvious.
> I then created an uml user and uml group in the files /etc/passwd and
> /etc/group via the adduser and addgroup tools so the uml user would be
> known even when ldap wasn't started yet.
> After rebooting, the bridge script started ok and the problem went away.
> Pretty weird if you ask me but it works again.

I rechecked and it's probably the kernel. If i boot a i'm
having that problem even with the working bridge script but when i boot
a 2.6.10 i don't experience the problem.
The 2 kernels where compiled from the same config. I will have to see
what could be different.


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