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HDD - full?

Hi list,

I have an external USB FAT hard drive (mounted om /Data), on which I should have ~40GB free space, but I cannot use that since:
0:55 h1siglushkov /Data % df -h
29G     /Data/.
29G     Total
10:55 h1siglushkov /Data % df -h
Filesystem             Size Used  Своб Изп% Монтирана на
/dev/hda5              19G   16G  1,5G  92% /
/dev/hda1              19G  6,7G   12G  37% /win
/dev/hda7              18G   18G  100M 100% /data
/dev/sda1              75G   75G  248M 100% /Data <<<<<<<<<<<<<
tmpfs                 251M   16K  251M   1% /dev/shm
tmpfs                  10M  112K  9,9M   2% /dev

Any idea why I do not see my free space? Btw, it is visible under Windowz.


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