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Re: Stock Sarge segfaults, and later crashes!

Following up, after some research I found this c.o.l.m. thread may describe
the same problem:


or http://tinyurl.com/9xfb2

Note that, unlike the first poster in that thread, in my case I did get a
kernel crash.

Also note the "punch line," which appears in the last post in the thread:

  if you want it the m$ way, just mount it with the sync option.
  if you want to use win, then use it.

If this describes what I experienced, then it looks like it could be operator error
because it's possible that when I lost track of what I was doing, I accidentally
removed a mounted floppy without syncing.  If so, it's surprising that a minor operator
error should be so destructive and cause a kernel crash, so I would still probably
consider it a bug, though not Debian-specific.  The main problem may be that new
users, possible coming over from the M$ world like first poster in this thread,
would find it very easy to trigger this bug and cause major data corruption.

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