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Re: VSFTPD problems

Rudi Starcevic on 16/11/05 07:52, wrote:

Just can't get vsftpd to work?

apt-get install vsftpd always used to work ....

This is my error:

*500 **OOPS*: *cap_set_proc*

On Linux systems, if capability support was disabled in the kernel or

built as a module and not loaded, vsftpd will fail to run.  You'll see
this error message:
  *500 **OOPS*: *cap_set_proc*
Build and load the appropriate kernel module to continue.


What is the 'appropriate kernel module to continue' ??

I've been there and done that, but I looked up my notes and unfortunately this is all I wrote down:

"Just solved a problem with kernel 2.6.11 where I had opted to have a module capability not loaded at boot time (dunno why) but it came up with the weird error cap_set_proc and vsf_sysutil_recv_peek"

I think googling the mail archives or just the whole net should turn up the offending module.


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