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Re: Window manager/desktop environment that's not RAM-intensive

On Fri, 11 Nov 2005, Robert Waldner wrote:


I'm currently converting the SOs laptop to Debian. Problem is that
it's rather underpowered in terms of RAM - 128 MB and no chance of

So I'm looking for a window manager/desktop environment that doesn't
have the memory footprint of Gnome or KDE.

Personally, I'm fond of Enlightenment as a window manager, but the
SO, who's only familiar with Windos and Gnome, needs something where the
look&feel is more consistent with what she knows. Most needed would be
some kind of "taskbar" and the possibility of having clickable
"shortcuts" to applications (and maybe documents) on the desktop.
It doesn't matter if it's technically superior, has integrated
applications, virtual desktops or a constantly-running sound mixer,
the above pretty much sums up the whole list of requirements - the rest
I can handle myself.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps ROX for desktop icons and file manager?
Espcially the 1.x series is quite lean.


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