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Re: OpenOffice 2 on Sarge?

How can I install OpenOffice 2 on Sarge? Haven't found much useful info on the
web yet.


Download it from the OpenOffice.org site. These will be mostly RPM files. Make sure you have the "alien" package installed. You may have to decompress the downloaded source file first, with either the Archive Manager, or tar -xvzf command. Then, if I'm remembering correctly (it's been awhile since I installed OOo-2.0 on my Sarge system), run alien *.rpm on the directory with the OOo-2.0 rpm files, which will create deb files. Then, run dpkg -i *.deb on the directory with the debian files. After, also install the included deb file with the OOo-2.0 launchers. Good luck.


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