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Re: Pentium D CPUs and SMP support

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 07:02:27PM +0100, Robert Cates wrote:
> Hi,
> today I booted Knoppix LiveCD 4.0 (based on Debian, with kernel 2.6.11) on
> an Sony PC with an ATI grachics chip to see how the X-server identified and
> configured itself for the ATI (with no really clear answer, but it did not
> seem to use an "ati" driver), but then I thought I would check if the kernel
> was loaded with SMP since the CPU was a Pentium D 820.  KDE's Kinfo clearly
> showed there being 2 CPUs - CPU 0 and CPU 1, but there was nothing actually
> showing a kernel with SMP support was running.
> What I'm wondering is:
> 1) Are the new (dual core) Pentium D and AMD x2 CPUs handled differently in
> terms of SMP than the tranditional 2 CPU (SMP) setups we've had upto now?

> 2) I know the kernels anyway need to be compiled with SMP support, so maybe
> the Knoppix LiveCD is (does anybody know for sure?), but I know that my 2
> CPU (Pentium 3) system with Debian 3.1 shows that it is a kernel with SMP
> support and also needs an IRQ balancer for example, which I did not see on
> this Pentium D system.
The Knoppix CD does not have an SMP kernel.

> 3) Is it that the new dual core CPUs being on one chip/socket are handled
> different and do not need an IRQ balancer?

Roberto C. Sanchez

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