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Re: ipw2200 issues

On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 15:20 +0000, Daniel Nilsson wrote:

> This is interesting... Could you tell me some more about your setup, are you
> using WEP? What kind of access point are you using? Do you have a very good
> signal from you access point?
I am not using WEP (no encryption, but with openvpn).  I was using a
Netgear 802.11b AP (can't remember the model off hand), but it would
lock up after a while so I replaced it with a Cisco Aironet 1200.
Signal strength for the cisco is 95% across the house (was 87% - 90%
with the netgear).

> Somehow I'm a little suspicious that my problems might be related to kernel
> version 2.6.12, mainly because the reports I've seen from people with these
> kinds of issue all seem to be using 2.6.12. Maybe I should try 2.6.13, or
> 2.6.14 with the latest source directly from Intel.

I don't have experience with 2.6.12, but IIRC correctly there are some
networking issues with 2.6.14 (BIND doesn't work right).  I don't know
if the issues that cause BIND to not work would affect you or not, but with Intel source (ipw2200 1.0.6 and ieee80211 1.0.3) works
well.  The debian maintainer for ipw2200 is aware of the compilation
issues that I (and others) had, so I am confident that this is all going
to get sorted out eventually.


James Strandboge

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