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Re: ipw2200 issues

On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 12:23:31PM -0500, James Strandboge wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 15:20 +0000, Daniel Nilsson wrote:
> > Somehow I'm a little suspicious that my problems might be related to kernel
> > version 2.6.12, mainly because the reports I've seen from people with these
> > kinds of issue all seem to be using 2.6.12. Maybe I should try 2.6.13, or
> > 2.6.14 with the latest source directly from Intel.
> I don't have experience with 2.6.12, but IIRC correctly there are some
> networking issues with 2.6.14 (BIND doesn't work right).  I don't know
> if the issues that cause BIND to not work would affect you or not, but
> with Intel source (ipw2200 1.0.6 and ieee80211 1.0.3) works
> well.  The debian maintainer for ipw2200 is aware of the compilation
> issues that I (and others) had, so I am confident that this is all going
> to get sorted out eventually.

So I was finally able to get a working setup, using kernel
and the ipw2200 driver version that comes with the kernel (!) I now
have a stable solution. I think that driver version is 1.0.0, which
should be the stable version according the the Intel version numbering
scheme. I'm sure that are issues that has been resolved between 1.0.0
of this driver and 1.0.8, but they don't seem to be causing me any
problems right now though. I still haven't heard back on the issues I
reported against 1.0.8 (I wrote James Ketrenos as well as entered a
bunch of information into their Bugzilla installation) so I'll stay
with the old driver until they are interested in resolving whatever
broke on the way to 1.0.8...

Hope this might help someone else as well.


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