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Re: Subversion repository permissions

On Sunday 06 November 2005 10:54, Simo Kauppi wrote:

> Check your /etc/logrotate.d/apache2 (or /etc/logrotate.conf).
> You should have something like:
> 	create 640 root adm  <---------------- change the mode 664

Ah, right. It isn't actually the apache logs that get the wrong permissions, 
it is the Berkeley database that Subversion use. That's why I haven't been 
thinking about this before. 

That file is owned by www-data:svn, it doesn't have anything to do with 

Nevertheless, I guess you could be right, it may actually be the postrotate 
that causes it, as Apache2 is restarted. I'll try an see how it goes! :-)



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